Heroes from Another Time

Insane BuildBots

...Make Clumsy Killer Robots...

…and the Irregulars Find the Right Party

Four-Seven, Fiver-Three. Disturbance at construction site on Venice Street. Fatalities reported. Emergency. Please respond.
—Dispatcher 4

Harry Harrison heard the two officers in the other car talking about what they were going to do with the attractive woman they had in the back of their car.

Officer Hab offered to drive her to detox. Harry heard Officer Compton telling him to try to get more information about the party. “Try to get her to tell you who gave her the drugs.”

The CSI crime computer in the front seat said, “Preliminary testing complete: query: test to destruction?”

And Hab pulled away with the girl as Harry turned his attention to the rampaging BuildBot they had been sent to subdue.

The Rat saw Officer Compton race out to attract the giant robot’s attention. A single shot the officer’s pistol certainly did that, but Harry knew the thing was built like a tank.

“Probably didn’t even pierce the armor. If I could just trick it into walking into one of the buildings, the floor might collapse and trap it below ground,” he suggested to Civitas.

So he drove to the other side of the partially completed structure — it seemed to go up about 4 stories so far — and positioned the police car so Civitas could fire the machine-gun below the headlights at the monster.

Then he got out and carefully aimed his assault rifle.

Group 5 wants Rock Stars for its demonstration project? Then I have the volunteers for them.
Lt Pierre Vordach

Civitas was happy to be firing the automatic weaponry built into the car, but he saw the Rat’s plan to lure the machine into the building was not working. After it threw a scoop full of debris at Officer Compton, it started lumbering toward undefended policeman.

“Throws like a girl,” he observed as he pumped bullets into the robot’s torso.

Lining up their shots carefully, they were able to bring down the BuildBot without a great deal of trouble.

Cleaning up the mess was going to take more time.

Fiver-Three, Fiver-Three. Suspected breach of the peace. 4747 Alley Lane Street. Shots fired. Please Respond.
Dispatcher 7

Russel Compton immediatedly recognized the address as the location of the party where Kim Paleo said she got her Red Pills. Also, confusingly enough, it was an address listed on a note Ambrose found in her bag…after she died.

“But she didn’t die!” he told himself. He talked her down off the bridge. He remembered it. Officer Hab didn’t search her bag because Hab was taking her to rehab.

Didn’t take long to identify several others at the party who had taken the Red Pills:

  • Lena Weiss — decided to turn the music up as loud as she could to frighten off evil spirits.

“Turning of the power at the switchbox solved that problem.”

  • Griff Parsons — decided this is all too dangerous for him. Parked on the drive next to the house. Attempted to drive home. Car was boxed in by about eight other cars on the drive. Tried to smash his way out in his drug-induced, panicked effort.

“Fortunately, Officer Civitas decided to shoot the engine block instead of the driver.”

  • Serge Mason — got into a heated argument with a friend who shot him.

“What are friends for?”

  • Roger Blakeney — shot his friend Serge Mason dead. Locked himself in the attic room. Refused to let anyone in, threatening to shoot himself.

“A lot of suicide threats for a drug everybody says is safer than Fast.”

Russel was able to identify the name of one other user:

  • Mark Lucas — the guy who was selling the Red Pills.

“It took some doing, but we got his address from the others.”



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