Harry Harrison

The Stainless Steel Rat


Age: 44
Faction: MicroCorp (Heritage Faction (Parents were Capitol)
Social Status: Lower Class

Attributes and Skills:

Agility (Expertise/Focus)

  • Acrobatics: 1/1
  • Close Combat 1/1
    • Unarmed Combat 0/0
  • Stealth (1/0)

He’s not much of a career criminal, but he thinks that way. The real criminals are the ones who try to pin their crimes on him. Maybe that’s why he’s so paranoid
Lt Pierre Vordach


Born on Luna.

Drafted into the military as a teen. Spent 6 years in the military.

Then 13 years as a technician.

Spent time adrift in space after an accident. Suffers from spacesickness as a result.

Harry Harrison

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