Russel Compton

Born to the streets, ready for a little street-cleaning


Faction: Capitol (shareholder)
Social Status: Unemployed Underclass
Languages: Luna Patois; Capitoline
Earnings: 4
Assets: 13
Age: 30


  1. Curse of the Mayfly
  2. Contact: Gang Member
  3. Nothing Helps the Pain: Resistant to drugs and other artificial substances
  4. Enemy: Heretical Cult


  • No Mercy (Close Combat)
    • Deflection
      • Riposte
  • Charismatic (Persuade)
    • Strong Arm Tactics 2
  • Life of Crime (Thievery)

Sequestered in the Great Rust Desert, he found a relic and learned to improve his strength of will.

After you’ve been hallucinating for days in the desert with no oxygen in your tank, nothing you see can bother you much.
—Nomad saying

After an experiment went bad, went through Luna City PD Academy to become a detective. Thinks that his buddy went overboard on the detective side of things and wishes he spent more time practicing on the shooting range.

But he admits his buddy helped him get the big promotion when they broke a case together. It involved foiling a plot of some bizarre cult (which was responsible for the experiment).

Russel Compton

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