Capitol’s Heroic Legacy

Capitol’s history is a grand tale of heroes rising above the mud of the masses to forge a bright path through the darkness that threatens humanity. Anyone who chooses to ignore the battle Capitol has been embroiled in is either a fool or a Heretic.

Freedom at all Costs
Pay the Price
The Price of Freedom

The fact is, throughout the centuries, Capitol has always been first and foremost when it comes to guiding humanity into greatness.

“Are your dreams big enough to span the solar system?
“Do you revel in the promise of glory and honor?
“Do you want everyone to know your face, to whisper
“Or cheer your name, or march behind you into the fray?”

[Martial music swells.]

“When you are part of Capitol,
“You can have all that and more.”

First to arrive on Luna and Mars, Capitol was first to give humanity its foothold among the stars. It was first to transform a world and mine the vastness of space. Not only that, but when treachery reared its hideous head and unleashed evil upon the worlds, Capitol was the first to ally itself with the Brotherhood and lead the march against the Dark Symmetry, in all its forms.

But here is the catch: there is always a price. Nothing comes free, not even freedom itself. Everything is bought and paid for in blood, sweat, and tears. Capitol descends from the earliest Pioneers, who planted the proud flag on Luna and survived through everything that has come since, from the first Dark Legion invasion to the current bloodshed at their hands. And it shall continue to prevail!

In Capitol, you can do whatever you want, be whoever you want, and, yes, kill whoever you want – and then hopefully have enough guts and grit to accept the consequences, whatever they may be.

Are you up for the challenge?
Because no one else is going to meet it for you.
—Living the Capitolian Dream
(Capitol Entertainment Network Exclusive)

Now Capitol holds firm in the face of even the worst terrors. With the Light to guide the people, no enemy will remain forever. With heroes of freedom leading the march, none can stand in Capitol’s way.

Capitol Government

A body is nothing without its head, and so Capitol has established a democratic institution to serve its citizens’ best interests.


Capitol thrives on the exchange of goods and services with other
corporations, even those it is currently engaged in warfare or espionage with.


Society is All About Perspective

There is no such thing as an ‘average’ Capitolian – they value their individuality far too much as they all come from varying cultures, builds, backgrounds, and beliefs. Diversity is the spice of existence for Capitol, which is why they accept almost everyone with open arms – except for Heretics, of course.

They respect that everyone can contribute to society as a whole and believe greatness is capable of being found within anyone. It is a noble ideal, to be sure, thinking everyone deserves equal rights and equal say in how things run.

Does it work, though? Most Capitolians will chorus a mighty yes.

What Matters Most

These glorious cities do not just build themselves. It takes dedication, hard work, and courage. Other corporations might try to make their people conform to certain standards, or even try to spawn them in horrid breeding programs, but not Capitol.

Every Capitolian knows these inherent values from birth, and it is just a question of whether they are given the opportunity to let those virtues shine that sets them apart from the common drone.

Media for the Masses

A Beacon…Not Brainwashing

Plenty of people point at the mega-empire of Capitol’s media powerhouses and decry it as polluted propaganda. Such a sad smear attempt does nothing but fool those who are already blind to the truth.

What corporation does not tailor its news and sing its own favorite tune? Capitol may dress up the truth a bit and stick it in the proper lighting, but this is not propaganda. It is a clarion call to glory!

It is a point-blank barrage inspiration that drives men and women and children to happiness and hope, helping them dream of making a better life for themselves.


Even the youngest child in Capitol knows freedom is not free. Every action has consequences. If someone wants everything Capitol has to offer, they are going to have to be ready to push hard and take even harder shoves back.

Capitol Military

Capitol believes in the inherent goodness and strength of its citizens. Therefore, as everyone plays a vital role in supporting the society, not wanting to see this corporation weaken and crumble, and it is not surprising most make choices for overall growth and prosperity.

Even as the people are working towards their own ends they are also working for the common good. Even as Capitolians are formed of all creeds and kinds, they are united in their diversity.

And for those who choose otherwise, well…this is balanced out by those who choose to defend the common good by force.

A Chance for Redemption

Many want the opportunity to earn citizenship in Capitol and enjoy the freedoms it offers. At the same time, those Capitolians who have voided their rights by criminal activity may crave the chance to get their past wrongs erased and begin anew.

For both, the surest, yet hardly safest method is through military service in some of the most brutal squads ever assembled.

Capitol Security Forces

Every shareholding citizen has the right to make a “citizen’s arrest,” and most are armed well enough to enforce it. Of course, most are armed well enough to resist such arrest as well.

If anyone wants to claim Capitol is teetering on the edge of anarchy and absolute lawlessness, there are a number of uniformed people who would gladly adjust this opinion in a darkened alley.

The law is alive and well, and any criminal elements are prosecuted to its full extent when caught. That extent all depends on who does the catching.


While citizens have the right to make their own choices, deep down they know each comes with a price. Even Heretics have the right to align themselves with dark powers, knowing the instant their foul dealings are brought to light, they will be eradicated with all due speed and brutality.

When a citizen comes before the Capitol justice system, the consequences they could face range anywhere from fines to enforced military service to imprisonment and hard labor or death.

The Settlements

Welcome to the main Capitol turf, where the corporation has staked its claim and its citizens live free. Once nothing but barren red soil, terraforming efforts have created expansive fields, forests, and even oceans – though the last remain relatively lifeless.

A vast irrigation system across the northern hemisphere waters the crops necessary for the survival of all Capitolian cities on the planet. While still rocky and treacherous in places, Mars is a hardy frontier, fitting for an even hardier people.

The footstep Capitol took when it guided humanity to the stars, Luna remains central to its cultural identity. While the moon is now settled by all the other corporations, Capitol remains the largest lunar presence, using it as a base of operations for its system-wide

Capitol Diplomacy

Humanity has always been a contentious lot, even in the most peaceful of times – and that is hardly a descriptive for this dark era of war. Now, while the corporations and coalitions may, at times, try to create a unified image in the face of the Dark Legion, it remains a squabbling lot behind the scenes.

Capitol Needs You

“Now you know the truth. Now you see the price of freedom. The question is… are you ready and willing to fight for it? The cost is high, but the prize is worth it. Nowhere else will you be able to reach your full potential. Nowhere else will you be able to reach greater glory and power.

Capitol is leading the way to victory and will be the first to plant its flag on the Dark Legion’s last smouldering corpses. The other corporations will demand everything from you, and then take more, giving nothing in return. With Capitol, wealth and fame are equally available for the taking. They are given to the strong and courageous, so that they may protect and inspire the weak and cowardly. Those who rise above the masses will be forever honored; and even if they fall in battle, they can die knowing they embodied the valor and virtues that make humanity indefatigable.

Become your best today. Join with Capitol and shine your light into a brighter future.”

Living the Capitolian Dream
(Capitol Entertainment Network exclusive)

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