Dark Eden


The Guardians’ plan for the Genetic Pilgrimage has hardly continued without a hitch, yet it has suffered an even more disastrous twist of fate on the one place that its effects should have been sacrosanct.

The combination of undiluted terraforming agents and radioactive elements have undeniably altered the ultimate transposition of the Genetic Pilgrimage for the residents of Earth; to a drastic extent in some cases, such as the mutant tribes of South America.

All of the Dark Eden tribes are beginning to display the effects of the Guardian’s tinkering to some extent or another however, as evidenced by the psionic potential that is beginning to manifest amongst the Lutherans, the mutations that are becoming common place within the Templar factions, and the prophetic visions that have been gifted to the nomadic Crescentians, to name but a few.

The long-dormant seed that the Guardians planted is rapidly gaining pace in new and spontaneous directions. Whether this will ultimately be enough to curb the insatiable appetite of the Dark Soul remains to be seen.

Dark Eden

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