Dark Symmetry

Two points that bear repeating and clarifying about the Dark Symmetry era.

  • Firstly, player characters in the Dark Symmetry era are somewhat more limited than their counterparts in the later eras. Cybertronic doesn’t yet exist. [Redacted to avoid out-of-character knowledge and consequent metagaming.]

The Brotherhood, while founded in this era, takes time to grow into the monolithic organization it would become, and most of its early members are loyal to The Brothers specifically. Characters loyal to the Brothers (as described in the Brotherhood sourcebook) are a viable option in a Dark Symmetry campaign, but not at first.

Iconic careers in the rulebook and all sourcebooks are marked with the eras they are applicable for – only those which are available in the Dark Symmetry Era may be taken.

  • Secondly, technology is quite different in the Dark Symmetry era. Sophisticated technology is widespread and abundant in the years before game starts, and even after the Dark Symmetry starts causing technology to fail, this failure is not uniform or consistent.

Technology fails seemingly at the worst possible moments, as if a malign presence is deciding what to corrupt and when, and it may not even overtly fail – a corrupted computer may produce minor errors and faults that lead their users to the wrong conclusions, but nothing occurs to make them think that anything is wrong.

The concept of technological corruption isn’t one cemented in the minds of humanity for a long time, and while people come to be wary of technology, the widespread abandonment of high-tech devices takes a long time to happen. Thus, even later in the campaign, sophisticated technology is still widespread, though people will regard technology of all kinds with greater skepticism than they did before.

The Big Scream

Apparently originating on Planetoid Pluto, the Big Scream kicked off the period known as the Dark Symmetry.

“Any similarity between Don Stevia and the disgraced ex-president [Donald Trump] is purely coincidental.”
—from a The Deputy press release

The prime mover of the dark plots that the Investigators will have to uncover is the Capitol Corporation’s first self-made trillionaire, Don Stevia. As well as being a successful businessman, Don Stevia is a famous celebrity and the star of TV’s The Deputy show.

Playing in the Dark Symmetry era

Playing in the Dark Symmetry era is a different proposition from the Dark Legion era we are all familiar with. Many of the organisations and elements commonplace in the Second Dark Legion War do not yet exist, or at least do not exist in their ‘final’ form.

The first and most obvious difference is that Cybertronic does not exist. It will not emerge for many centuries, and the notion of a corporation founded upon a base of advanced technology is a bizarre one from the perspective of this era.

The second big difference is the Brotherhood. While the Brothers exist and preach their message of unity and human determination, the organisation that they come to build is not the monumental force that it will become.

The Dark Symmetry era spans a tumultuous and strife-filled period of human existence. It starts with the moment known as The Fall, when Imperial Conquistadors landed upon Pluto and unwittingly unleashed the Dark Symmetry.

From that moment, the worlds of humanity changed irrevocably. Technology became corrupt and unpredictable, and lashed out against humanity.

The change was subtle at first, dismissed as coincidental events amongst the noise of the solar system… but that quickly changed as spaceships began to fall from the skies, communications networks became filled with hateful screams, and all hell broke loose across the worlds of mankind.

The Era continues through the chaos of these early years, as the solar system goes dark – communications systems fail, fleets of spacecraftbecome flying coffins – to a period even darker still.

The Dark Symmetry era extends through the war between the corporations, the rise of the Brothers, the founding of the Brotherhood, and the emergence of the Dark Legion that followed it, and culminates with the conclusion of the First Dark Legion War, decades after the defeat of Algeroth and the death of Cardinal Durand I.

Characters in the Dark Symmetry era

Cybertronic and Brotherhood characters will be prohibited from this part of the campaign. Whitestar nearly so.

Other, smaller, elements differ: changes to individual factions that will impact the way characters are created and played.

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Dark Symmetry

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