Dark Symmetry Timeline

Dark Symmetry era

…and before.

Late 21st Century

The origins of corporate citizenship.

Early 22nd Century

Earth deteriorates.

Mid 22nd Century

Mankind moves beyond the moon.

Late 22nd Century

Terraforming succeeds.

The Exodus

Early 23rd Century

The corps initiate a full evacuation.

A Golden Age

Mid-24th Century

The corps focus on their own worlds.

Early 25th Century

Back on earth things are not so golden.

All Good Things…

Late 25th Century to Mid 26th Century
This is the setting for adventures and campaigns set in the Dark Symmetry Era time period.

2480 AD (-101 YC):
The Artifact Discovered

2481 AD (-100 YC):
Final Transmission and the Big Scream

2481 AD to 2501 AD (-100 YC to -80 YC):
The Fall

2501 AD (-80 YC):
Discovery of the Rifts

The 1st Corporate War

2530 AD (-50 YC):
The First Corporate War Begins

2577 AD (-3 YC):
The Brothers Emerge

2580 AD (0 YC):
Year of the Cardinal

1 YC (2581 AD):
Breaking of the Seal of Repulsion

8 YC (2588 AD):
The First Dark Legion War Begins

1st Dark Legion War

14 YC (2594 AD):
Algeroth and Demongonis Appear

20 YC (2600 AD):
Muawijhe and Semai Return

The Venusian Crusade

52 YC (2632 AD):
The Venusian Crusade

53 YC (2633 AD):
The Fall of Nathaniel Durand

91 YC (2671 AD):
The Black Rot

94 YC (2674 AD):
Saladin strikes

147 YC (2727 AD):
Cardinal Nathaniel Magnificus

Corporate Wars Return

201 YC (2781 AD):
Wars of Attrition on Mars

237 YC (2817 AD):
The Graveton Sub Wars on Venus

652 YC (3232 AD):
The Scarab Wars on Mars

653 YC (3233 AD):
War of Shame on Mars and Citizens’ Revolt

700 YC (3280 AD):
The New Rise of Dark Symmetry

908 YC (3488 AD):
The Neronian Heresy

1103 YC (3583 AD):
Birth of Cybertronic

1253 YC (3733 AD):
Cybertronic Grows

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Dark Symmetry Timeline

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