Fall of Nathaniel Durand

Finally, the Apostle of War is bested and flees to the sanctuary of his Dark Citadel, pursued by the Cardinal. Durand strikes down Algeroth, but as he prepares to finish his enemy, Algeroth whispers to him, staying his hand at the critical moment.

This pause allows the demon to strike a fatal wound against the Cardinal, before suddenly and inexplicably vanishing from the battlefield. Durand struggles back to the surface, and ordains Bauhaus Commander Marshall Toth as his successor.

As he dies, he whispers three words to his brothers, as they come to his aid:

“It is done.”

The remaining brothers spirit their sibling’s body away.

Their fury fueled by the death of their beloved Cardinal, the forces of mankind crush the Dark Legion, and the routing of the forces of Darkness. With the battle for Venus a victory, the Whitestar fleet withdraws to Earth.

  • As Nathaniel prepares to strike the killing blow, Algeroth says a few words, which cause him to fatally pause: “We were here at the beginning, we will be here at the end.”
  • Peter Durand, in the throes of madness caused by the arrival of the Dark Apostles, suffers a series of visions. He sees the true nature of the Dark Apostles and their citadels, realizing they are bound to the dark dimension they were banished to and are only able to enter this reality through the portals in the Dark Citadels.

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Fall of Nathaniel Durand

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