The Mistress of the Void

Ilian is the most powerful of the Apostles. She is the true embodiment of the Dark Symmetry and the first-born of the Dark Soul.

Her control and influence over it in its raw form is unmatched. Through this she is, in her own way, the one that is closest to the Dark Soul and with the guidance and power of her master at her back there is nothing she cannot accomplish.

Ilian, though capable of overt displays of awesome power, prefers to work in the shadows.

Her servants infiltrate the very heart of human civilization, breaking down and tearing at that which they trust to protect them. Due to her insight into the Symmetry, her followers are capable of summoning forth denizens from twisted and depraved dimensions and bolstering the onslaught of the other Apostles through the direction of raw Dark Symmetry.

The Mistress of the Void is the gatekeeper of the hideous dimensions.

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