The Punishment Street Irregulars

Sent to investigate a crumbling tenement on Punishment Street — Straffar Gatan 39 — the Punishment Street Irregulars became an unlikely band of heroes, ferreting out the first clues about the consequences of certain bad decisions carried out on Pluto.

“When I first sent them out together, they didn’t speak a word of Swedish.”
Lt Pierre Vordach

The members of the Irregulars include:

“Nowadays they’re known as the ‘Punishment Street Irregulars’.”

Their real accomplishments:

  1. Threatening an apartment manager
  2. Beating up some of the members of the Croaks gang
  3. Freeing up airtime in the Capitol Entertainment Network’s evening lineup
  4. Rescuing the daughter and brother of a Bauhaus Executive

“Ironic, ain’t it?”

What they’re known for:

  1. Stealing drugs from the Croaks
  2. Creating the Children’s Brigade

The Punishment Street Irregulars

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