The Punishment Street Irregulars

Sent to investigate a crumbling tenement on Punishment Street — Straffar Gatan 39 — the Punishment Street Irregulars became an unlikely band of heroes, ferreting out the first clues about the consequences of certain bad decisions carried out on Pluto.

“When I first sent them out together, they didn’t speak a word of Swedish.”
Lt Pierre Vordach

The members of the Irregulars include:

“Nowadays they’re known as the ‘Punishment Street Irregulars’.”

Their real accomplishments:

  1. Threatening an apartment manager
  2. Beating up some of the members of the Croaks gang

“Ironic, ain’t it?”

What they’re known for:

  1. Stealing drugs from the Croaks

The Punishment Street Irregulars

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